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Anatomy of a yurt

In order to cope with shortages, the people of Central Asia have built their home with natural products such as wood, the wool of sheep or camels, and leather. The yurt is probably the most ecological dwelling that exists.
The yurts are composed of the wooden walls, the sticks of the roof, poles, and door. As insulation material, Mongolian people use compressed sheep wool. To protect the yurt from the rain, Mongolian nomadic people use a cotton canvas that covers the entire yurt.

The Yurt's 
windows and doors

The Yurt's 

Painted / non-painted yurt crowns and poles

The domed or conical roof of the yurt has, at its center and outermost height, a wooden crown. Rafters radiate down from the crown to meet the walls. These rafters form the roof of the yurt.

The Yurt's 

The walls of the yurt are called khanaa in the Mongolian language. They look like giant baby gates, or accordions, that open out or fold flat. The walls are criss-crossed lattices made of wood. The knots that hold the lattices of wood together are made of leather.
These walls are assembled and pinned to form a circle, leaving room for a door frame. The ends of the khana that adjoin the door need to be straight; this means that the last few pieces on each end will not be full-length.
The standard height of our walls is 1.80 meters. The lattices have a length of 2.55 meters, have a thickness of 1 centimeter, and a width of 3 centimeters.

The Yurt's 
Felt and Covers

The yurt’s felt is made of natural Mongolian sheep’s wool. Before the wool is compressed, it is washed so that the strong sheep smell is eliminated.
The covers of the yurt are composed of the white inside cover, the white thick rain cover, and the thin outside cover. For the outside covers, clients can choice between the following four colors: white, green, brown, and beige.
Furthermore, we supply impregnation product so that the covers are totally waterproofed.

The Yurt's 

Door Handle and Lock

The cast iron door handle is a beautiful decoration for the yurt. The lock and the keys that goes with it allows you to lock your yurt. You can now leave the yurt piece minded.

Fixing Rings

The cast iron rings is another beautiful decoration for the yurt. It’s used to fix the belts that are wrapped around the yurt to hold the different elements of the yurt together.

Waterproof Impregnation Product

The chimney is a flashing to safely vent a wood burning tent stove from a canvas or poly-cotton tent. This chimney fits flue pipes up to 160 mm (6”) in diameter and can be easily cut to fit snugly around most flue pipes. Works with side exit and top exit tent stoves.


This product is a waterproof and dirt repellent liquid to be applied on your covers. It protects cotton tent, tent trailer, safari tent, tepee tent, army tent. It is especially made to be applied on cotton, canvas and linen tent cloth. It’s a prefect product to make your yurts waterproof.

Vander yurts